If you supply goods and/or services to large corporate entities on a recurring basis you may often find your working capital trapped, limiting the volume of new work orders. You can avail financing against multiple invoices from multiple buyers simultaneously.

Why would I avail a Work Order Loan?

Sales Growth:

  • Fresh injection of funds to execute orders.
  • Through building greater client partnership with buyers.

Balance Sheet Management:

  • Through Improved working capital efficiency and reduced Days Sales Outstanding
  • Through efficient and precise Cash Flow operations and management.


  • The Credit Limits is based on sales volume and IDLC management approval.
  • Up to 60% of advance financing against verified work orders.
  • Credit Period is the client cash flow cycle (maximum of 180 days).
  • Payment assignment from the buyers.
  • Security required above BDT 1.00 million Credit Limit.
  • Standard fees and charges apply (annual processing fee, discount on work order value, interest calculates daily, etc.)
  • Loan limit: Any amount that is justified with sales (and incumbent on management approval).
  • Loan Tenure: 1 year from the Sanction date.

Financing Process:


  • Payment Assignment
  • Work Order submission to factor
  • IDLC verifies work orders with buyer
  • IDLC advances up to 60% of invoice value
  • Delivery of Goods/Service
  • Payment directed to IDLC on invoice maturity

Am I Eligible?

  • Must have recurring sales on credit to corporate buyers.
  • Minimum 2 years of continuous business operation and 3 years of business experience.
  • Age between 21 years to 60 years.
  • Business within service range of IDLC branches.
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