Sultan Hossain

Proprietor - S. Islam Agro Farm


"I never thought I'd be a student at the university. Earlier I used to run a small clothing store. Then a Professor of Bangladesh Agricultural University of Mymensingh gave some of us training in Guava cultivation under an agro-research programme of the country.  The Professor helped me a lot and with the training and motivation, I started cultivating fruits alongside my clothing business in 2009. Besides Guava, I started cultivation of mango, sweet potato, lemon, pal/coconut etc. whenever I heard about a good variety of fruits, I included its cultivation in my garden and this way my garden expanded gradually. But I noticed revenue generated from sale of Guava was not equivalent to any other fruit. So I began producing Guava only on my own land under the ‘Bagging method’*. Later I leased some more land for Guava harvesting. Now, we sell 500 kilo of Guava a day, all in the local market.  I also started aqua culturing in two ponds beside my garden and together with Guava harvesting I run team of 20 farmers. So far I have been nominated four times for the National Award but not once did I win. So what? I work for work and have no expectations of reward.  My only passion is my harvest and I wish to increase the yield much more for which I am trying my best.” 


*Bagging prevents insect pests, especially fruit flies, from finding and damaging the fruits. The bag provides physical protection from mechanical injuries (scars and scratches) and prevents female flies' laying activities, latex burns, and fungal spots on the fruits. Although laborious, it is cheaper, safer, easier to do, and gives you a more reliable estimate of your projected harvest.