Mokhtar Hossain

Proprietor - Mokhtar Food Products



“Was about twelve years old, when I started selling groundnuts for a living. I started the business with Taka 25 which my uncle had given to my mother. On the first day I made Taka 14, with which I bought 1 kilo rice and salt for home. My family was extremely poor back then. Slowly I included my younger brother in the business and for four years we only sold groundnuts. However selling groundnuts on the streets was not gainful employment and after some time it did not seem like a decent profession as well. After discussing the matter with my mother, I came to Dhaka city and got a job at a chanachur factory through an acquaintance. For the next six years I lived in Dhaka, got married while working at different chanachur manufacturing factories in Dhaka. In 1999 when my mother fell ill, I returned to my village. By then all that I had saved up and been spent in Dhaka. Once again my mother gave me the capital for my business. She loaned Taka 5,000 from a local association/MFI and I started our own chanachur factory at the village in 2000. My family members and I all worked at the factory and gradually started employing staff one by one. Now, we have 200 staff working at two factories in marketing, distribution and transportation units. My chanachur is sold everywhere in Barisal which generates Taka 4 to 5 lacs revenue every month. During Eid we even sell Vermicelli. All in all I am happy. I am content with the fact that I am not only running my own respectable business but also being able to employ the local people so they can support their families. I am proud that my community respects and loves me for this reason. I dream of making my daughter a doctor and also wish to expand. But before expanding business want to travel a bit.”