Mohammad Anwar

Proprietor, Hasina Cottage Industry



“It was the year 1968, one day while wandering the streets in search of work, a man called out ‘hey boy, hey boy’. I turned to see football player Mir Anisuddin Ahmed holding a small Origami boat in his hand. It was he who taught me everything. I belonged to a poor family so I always tried to do something to supplement my family’s income.  After a year I started making toys and decorative pieces from paper, wood, bamboo etc. while my father sold them at the market.  Back then I worked at a private company for nine months and the rest three months I engaged in this business. However during that time there are lots of riots and political unrest which had a negative impact on the business. In 1971, I joined the liberation war and used to move from one area to another with family to keep them safe until the war ended. When Barisal became independent on 8 December, I came back. I started the business again in 1972 and soon in 1982 became a supplier for Aarong. Back then everything was handmade as there was no machine. In 2000 I introduced my son to the business. When the business didn’t even generate a revenue of Taka 10,000, my son took a loan to purchase machines for the business. Now almost everyone in the family is involved in this business. We have two small factories where 25-30 people work and Taka 7 to 8 lacs revenue is generated. I used to tell my boys – never do jobs rather give jobs. Now I am happy to see that my boys are doing great at business and giving jobs to many. "