Anisur Mondal

Rice Trader


"About twelve years ago, in 2005 most of people around us were agro-farmers and almost none were involved in trading. I used to purchase rice and wheat from the farmers and sell in the wholesale market. My small business grew gradually and soon I noticed others were selling these commodities in markets far away.  

With time, I also started selling goods in the surrounding districts. With a capital of Taka 20,000 I started my business and did most of the labour work myself. Initially I used vans and pull-carts to transport goods and then got a pick-up and soon bought a truck. Now I transport commodities all around the country in my five trucks and I pioneered trading business in this area. 

Today I own an auto rice mill and 300 people are working with me. I was able to purchase trucks by the help of IDLC and through IDLC I can now expand my business. "