Take the Challenge to move the world
To all women with passion, we understand that your path is not easy. Navigating the path to success requires more than just a loan. IDLC Purnota brings a comprehensive solution that will provide women owned businesses the necessary acceleration that it requires.

What can I use Purnota loan for?

You can use the loan facility as a short term or
as long term financing facility for purchases of fixed assets.


  • Minimum loan amount BDT 3 lacs
  • Maximum unsecured loan amount upto BDT 35 lacs
  • Loan Tenure: 13 to 60 months
  • Flexible repayment based on cash flow of business
  • Under Bangladesh Bank refinancing scheme loans up to BDT 50 lac at 9% interest rate
  • Specially designed Non-financial services for your business

What other benefits will I receive after taking this facility?

You will receive several non-financial support for the benefit and growth of your business.

  Business Facilitation Service Purnota Helpline Purnota Training Center Purnota Insurance Purnota Digital Marketing Purnota Club

Assistance in Obtaining Regulatory Documents and Licenses

To conduct a business, various documents are required by relevant authorities. The aim of business facilitation service is to guide you in getting these documents quickly and without any hassle.

Purnota Helpline is a service through which you will receive information and guidance on a wide array of topics

Capacity and Skill development, Business Management and Vocational Training

Insurance to Mitigate Against Losses Pertaining to Individual, Family and Business

Guidance on Marketing through Internet and Social Networking Sites.

Purnota Digital Marketing offers guidance for promoting and advertisingyour products through social network media, website and other digital media in a cost-effective manner

A Platform for Women Entrepreneurs to Share their Skills, Ideas and Experiences and Form an Intricate Network among One Another

Bonus Features

You will get assistance in obtaining the following documents/licenses under this service:

  • Trade License
  • Tax Identification Number (TIN) Certificate
  • Environmental Certificate (ECC)
  • Import Realization Certificate (IRC), Export Realization Certificate (ERC)
  • License from relevant authorities (BSTI Certificate, Chemical License, Fire Service and Civil Defense Clearance Certificate etc.)
  • Other required documents and certificates

You can get information on:

  • Purnota Related Information
  • Guidance on Accounts and Book Keeping
  • Deposit Related Information
  • Loan Relation Information (Personal and Business Loan)
  • Information on Basic Banking Rules and Regulation
  • Information on Various Training Facilities

You can avail and receive training on:

  • Book-Keeping
  • Working Capital Management
  • Marketing
  • Human Resource Management
  • Production Management
  • Product Development and Quality Control
  • Vocational Training on Various SME Business such as Boutiques, Sewing, Beauty Salon, Handicraft Etc.

Purnota Insurance will enable you to protect themselves, their business and family members from various risks:

  • Accidental Death
  • Permanent or Temporary Disability Due to Injury
  • Death or Injury from the bites of Snakes, Insects, or Other Animals
  • Physical Injury or Death from Flood, Earthquake, Landslide, Cyclone and Other Natural Disasters
  • Physical Injury or Death from Riot, Strike, or other such Violent Incidences
  • Death during Child Birth or Cesarean operation
  • Medical Allowance for Mental Injury from Robbery, Acid Throwing and Sexual Violation

You can avail guidance on:

  • Website Development, Management and Guidance
  • Advisory Service and Guidance on Marketing and Promotional Strategy through Social Networking tools such as Facebook, Twitter, and E-mail Marketing
Insurance Term

1 year

Age of Applicant

20-60 years


BDT 1 lac to 10 lac

Am I Eligible?

You can apply for this facility right now if you meet the following criteria:

  • Minimum 1 year of business experience
  • Your age is between 20 to 60 years
Apply now