East West University Business Club (EWUBC) is the premier business club in East West University, who are dedicated to youth development and youth empowerment by means of various informative and challenging events, seminars and workshops. MBR recently had an opportunity to have a one-to-one conversation with Adib Bin Shahid, President of EWUBC.

MBR: Tell us about the start of the club.

EWUBC: East West University Business Club is the first club of the university with the goal to promote leadership and entrepreneurship of ingenious students. The club works with all phases of business to demonstrate and practice the professional, leadership as well as management skills of the students under the proficient supervision of impeccably competent moderators.

EWUBC started its journey way back in 1999, since then the club has been creating opportunities for students to practice creativity, teamwork, leadership, extroversion, idea sharing and so much more. In order to introduce the students to practical work field, EWUBC organizes many events, seminars and competitions. EWUBC works on organizing grooming programs for students on presentations, excel, career talk, business competitions etc.

MBR: Briefly share the activities (competitions, workshops, seminars) of your club.

EWUBC: In 2017, EWUBC organized Inter University Business Plan Competition. It was a platform for the competitors to present their unique and creative business plans. 88 teams from 20 reputed universities of Bangladesh participated to win the glorious title of the best business planner. East West University Business Club desires to open the platform every year.

The club also organized Briefcase 2016, which was an Intra University Business Sales Competition. The Competition Courses is organized in almost every semester. The main objective of this competition is to improve and encourage the students to take part in national competition. EWUBC also organized an intra-university competition named Power Presenter. Basically, it was an inter-departmental competition which was introduced to allow students to bring out their presentation proficiency. A Certified Training on MS Excel is being run in a regular process by EWUBC. The workshop is a continual support in EWUBC journey. Every semester, it is conducted by efficient corporate people to introduce students to the practical job life, to enhance their knowledge and to provide some out-of-the-textbook education.

There is a splendidly designed program organized by EWUBC to familiarize students with the reality of recruitment in the corporate world. Name of that unique event is Career Clinic. A series of workshops are organized with corporate icons all around the country to bring light into the issues that what talents are required when applying for a job. The program also consists of a mock interview session to acquaint students with the real-life interviews.

EWUBC brings in some influential seminars for the studentsutilization. Such as a seminar on self-branding was conducted by Mr. Naveed Mahbub, collaborated with Keya Cosmetics for their talent hunting competition entitled “Talent Takeoff”. In each semester, EWUBC organizes a seminar named 100 Minutes Boost Up. Personnel from top level of companies share their experience among the students and give them advice about what to do in student life for ensuring a better future ahead. This is held in almost every semester with fresh new topic. This type of seminars really boosts the students to be more dedicated in the student life.

MBR: How is your recruitment process? What qualities do you look for in potential members?

EWUBC: The recruitment process has four steps. At first students have to fill up a form where basic questions about the students are asked. There are also some tricky and interesting questions. If we find their form interesting enough, then we call them for the second round which is a group discussion session. Those who can express themselves and can stand out with their explanations in front of the judges, they get called back on the 3rd round which is a group task. This part is all about fun and evaluating whether they have the capabilities to work with a bunch of different people or not. After this round comes the final round which is the interview session. Students have to give individual interviews in front of the Executive Panels. In this round they are tested with very difficult questions where intelligence and self- confidence are must. After these long and tough four rounds, the strongest and the potential students remain whom we select as the members of East West University Business Club.

MBR: How do you groom the club members for facing challenges in the professional world?

EWUBC: East West University Business Club is a club for the people who are interested in corporate world, who are conscious about their future and want to know how corporate world works. Recently we arranged career clinic 2018 where we divided our program into two parts. In first part, we arranged a seminar where HR from 6 companies was present to talk about their company and they talked about their expectations from the students and the ways to improve them. In second part, there was mock interview where we had 25 companies from 11 different industries so that students and our club members can have a real life experience about the recruitment process of various companies.



MBR: What challenges do you face? How do you overcome them?

EWUBC: East west university business club is a large family. We have about 150 members. So whenever business club comes with a big event, it is quite challenging to manage such a huge number of members and give everyone equal chance to show his/ her talent to make the event successful. It’s also a difficult task for the members to maintain their academic and club activities at the same time but all the members perform these challenging tasks very smoothly.

MBR: Briefly discuss the achievements of your club.

EWUBC: The glorious journey of east west university business club is embellished with so many achievements. Inter University Business Plan Competition is the nation’s 1st ever business plan competition which created a magnificent vibe. In 2015, EWUBC came up with ‘Career Clinic’ which is still the most unique program where you get a change to give a real life mock interview with your dream company. Students don’t consider it as an event they consider it as opportunity of life time. EWUBC also has a program named Competition Courses where we train students for national competitions and with the help of it so many students remarkably performed in lots of national leveled competitions.These are the remarkable achievements of EWUBC.

MBR: What are the club’s plans for the future?

EWUBC: In future the club is planning to prepare the members to become effective and thoughtful business leaders in an increasingly globalized business environment. The club provides a forum for students to sharp their Global Intelligence, start building their communication networks, explore different career opportunities and learn about different issues from the experts of various industries