In the past four to six years the number of cafés sprouting in the country, especially in the capital Dhaka, have increased significantly. The two hands holding a cup of tea and a newspaper are slowly being replaced with a smartphone and a cup of coffee. The definition of ‘a time spent well’ is also shifting from lazy evenings in the backyard to cozy get- togethers in cafés. The growing café culture is popular among people of all ages, more so among the millennials.

Coffee shops across the capital are frequented by customers during the mornings and evenings. On-the-go coffee has quite a demand during the first hours as customers are trying to get a quick sip on their way to work or classes. The evening visitors are more relaxed and arrive with the purpose of enjoying a conversation and the surroundings.



The coffee houses around the city scale up their marketing endeavors and give out special offers during holidays and events. Exposure during local entertainment, readings, or book clubs events bodes well for these businesses and using technology increases visibility among target customers. They often develop fun and interesting customer loyalty programs. But at the core of it all is probably the branding, building a theme around the offerings with which customers can easily relate to.



Sales of coffee are dominated by hot beverages. People have listed North End Coffee Roasters, Crimson Cup, Gloria Jean’s Coffees and Columbus Coffee Shop as some of their favorites. Cappuccino and mocha latte or café latte are the most frequent purchases. Coffee prices in the capital average around BDT 145. Complementary treats and desserts often accompany a cup of coffee. Pop-up coffee carts on roadsides are also popular as they sell hot and cold beverages at a cut-price.



Consumers do not just love the coffee but also value the experience that comes with it. Premium coffee comes with premium price and coffee lovers are willing to pay for a good experience. People have listed the taste and the quality as top factors for buying coffee from a certain shop. The price, surprisingly was one of the lesser indicators for making purchase decision while amicable environment, service and also the quality and differentiating fragrance of coffee carried significant weight.