Interviewed By Sumaiya Siddique, MBR Team

MBR: How did the idea of Sticker Driver emerge? How much has the sticker driver grown since its inception?

Mr. Binoy Barman: Idea:
The first time the idea came to my mind was when I saw a company hosting a roadshow for a product launch. During that roadshow, they took one of my
friend’s cars for branding. My friend earned around Tk. 15,000 during that campaign. Seeing the opportunities on a bigger scale, that was the time I saw its prospects as a business.
First, we have started the venture with just 3 cars wrapped with our ads in December 2019. Then, we had only 10 registered cars to wrap only in Dhaka City.
Now, we have 700 wrapped cars with more than 12+ clients like Square, ACI, Beximco, Alesha Mart, and many more. And we have 3500+ registered cars ready to wrap in Dhaka, Chittagong, and Sylhet. And we already have orders of more than 1000+ cars to wrap within 4 months.
Back then, we had only one option to wrap sticker ads, but right now we have options to wrap stickers outside of the cars and we have also introduced inside car branding and DOOH packages.

MBR: How does Sticker driver generate revenue?

Mr. Binoy Barman: We take payment from clients in two steps. Installation Charge and Monthly recurring charge.
Installation Charge Breakdown:
1. Permission from BRTA, DNCC, and DMP with
proper VAT TAX according to Sticker Size.
2. Printing
3. Pasting on Car
4. Driver App Training
We take a small cut from the installation charge.
Monthly Charge Breakdown:
1. Car owner/Driver’s Monthly Payment
2. Cloud Cost
We take a small cut from the monthly charge.

MBR: How do brands track their campaign through your app? Could you please elaborate on how the impression algorithm helps to derive the effectiveness of the campaign?

Mr. Binoy Barman: As a brand, you will get access to our brand dashboard and brand app. You will be able to track your wrapped car’s:
1. Position
2. Driven Distance
3. Route
4. Impression
5. Real Pictures
You will also be able to generate reports from the advertiser dashboard.

Advertiser Dashboard Demo Access:
Advertiser Dashboard Link:
Username: 01717114944
Password: 1234567890

The Impression count algorithm: We take google location data and google traffic congestion data along with some other data like the fixed population density of an area, what portion are moving out in the daytime, nighttime, office time, weekend, and holidays, etc. By analysis these data we can generate the number of eyeballs a wrapped car can catch. This is the best part of our tech solutions. By these numbers, brands can calculate the CPM and
effectiveness of the campaign.

MBR: How the drivers are boarded on the platform? Could you share some obstacles you encountered while ensuring proper performance
on drivers.

Mr. Binoy Barman: Vehicle Registrations:
Driver and Car owners need to follow some terms and conditions to join our platform:
1. Built year more than the year 2000
2. Rides more than 100+ KM daily.
3. Rides more than 2500+ KM monthly.
4. Nice paint condition.
5. Willing to use our apps after wrapping.

When we launched the platform, this was new for both drivers and brands. Convincing the car owners to wrap was the greatest obstacle at that time. But right now, after two years everything is clear. Some current issues with drivers:
1. Forget to use apps.
2. Forget to take weekly wrapped cars photos.
3. No smartphone uses of outside Dhaka drivers.
4. Changing of drivers of a single car.

MBR: Has the nationwide lockdown hampered your operations? What initiatives were taken to safeguard the company from such contingencies?

Mr. Binoy Barman: Lockdown hampered every business.
1. Our field operation was shut down.
2. Work orders postponed from bands.
3. No new car acquisitions.

Initiatives taken:
1. Remote tech team
2. Full salary for the team with proper bonus.
3. New product R&D during the lockdown time.