When employees are most likely to quit?

Labor market is going through a dramatic change of quitting job indicating employees have all the power in workplace but in reality it is just that employees are now able to change jobs more frequently than before with fewer consequences. Research indicating this trend will be carried on over time with even larger intensity as switching has become a comfortable option for many. Following shows how people started believing that the market is candidate driven.

Another interesting fact of workplace revealed in recent studies is that disagreements are inevitable but people who work in the work group never gets into disagreement. To them agreeing with someone is easy than confronting someone, at least in the short run. It is because of the fear of conflict, but ultimately it leads them to a point when they feel that quitting job is necessary for them as their thoughts are not matching with others in the company. Lack of communication with others in the work place make workplace unproductive along with ultimately employees quitting job.



Good managers should deeply keep in touch with the employees to find out issues related to leaving the employer and solving those issues promptly. One of the survey result shows that most of the switching is done at the first three or four years and it declines over time, which indicates those who stay longer in a company get adjusted with the environment. But for those who could not adjust, the responsibility of line manager is to communicate more with their employee to solve issues.