How women can get to the top in the corporate world

Women participation in the CEO role is negligible around the globe. In this research, six insights are emerged which can be really helpful to prepare the next female CEOs worldwide. Brief discussion on some core findings of the study is sketched:

Women could be ready for the CEO role sooner

Women have to work harder, longer and prove themselves 10 times more compared to men to gain the CEO post. As they are spending more time to get there, they serve fewer years in top position.
Women are driven by achieving business results and making positive impact: Female CEOs are not only motivated by status, power or money, but also company’s positive impact on employee and community attract them a lot according to two-third CEOs.

Specific traits are essential to women’s success but are in short supply

Courage, taking risk, resilience, and managing ambiguity: these four are the key traits and competencies of female CEO’s success. To become successful in top position, a female needs these qualities badly. One women was demotivated to go to Atlanta as no one could be successful there. However, she went and made it.

Despite their potential, women do not see themselves as future CEOs

Female cannot think of themselves as CEO until they were recognized by someone. Study found that only 5 out of 57 wanted to be the CEO where 3 never wanted to.
Some points need to be worked on creating and sustaining a pipeline of female CEOs. Considering these points can be beneficial to develop women to be the future leader of the company.

Identify potential early

Companies should facilitate their potential female leaders by designing a process that includes sponsors, mentors, and role models who recognize women’s potential and help them envision a path to becoming CEO.

Articulate roles in terms that engage women

A job description should have some attractive attributes which can motivate female leadership.

Beware of the “glass cliff”

Glass cliff is a metaphor that refers to the tendency of organizations to put women in power during times of crisis. Companies should give proper chance to female to prove themselves.