Terms & Conditions

Event - This platform will showcase different causes where volunteers can register to help. Events will be created as per IDLC’s discretion and feasibility. IDLC will hold the right to change an event/activity/location/time at all times. Volunteer Registration - 1. Volunteer registration is completely on the basis of individual’s discretion. Volunteers will have to sign up for a particular cause using the ‘join-us’ form in each individual cause. 2. There is NO monetary incentive for participating in this event – participation is completely voluntary. 3. Volunteer’s registration will be confirmed upon verification by IDLC. If a certain volunteer is selected for the project, IDLC will call and inform them about the project/location/time/activity. IDLC will then send them a registration confirmation email, the printout of which has to be shown at the event for participation. 4. If in case a volunteer does not receive any calls/email from IDLC, it would automatically indicate that the volunteer has not been selected for the project/the registration for volunteers is complete/full. Participation at the Event – 1. The event/activity/location will be pre-decided by IDLC. The relevant organizational partners involved at the event will also be pre-decided by IDLC. 2. Volunteers will have to be present at the event location at the given time using their own mode of transport. Similarly, after the activity is completed, volunteers will have to go back using their own mode of transport. 3. Each volunteer will be given a set of tasks to assist the overall project. Volunteers will be expected to complete the task as per requirement. In case a volunteer has reservations for performing the task assigned to him/her, it has to be informed beforehand. 4. Volunteers will be given IDLC branded t-shirts at the event, and will be expected to wear the same during the activities of the project. 5. Volunteers will be able to take pictures at the event and share the pictures on their individual social media platforms at their own discretion. 5. Images of volunteers at the event maybe used by IDLC in their website/social media/press release/videos for their own promotion. 6. Volunteers will be expect to show exemplary behavior and cooperation at all times during the event. If any misbehavior/unwanted activity by the volunteers is seen, they will be asked to leave the event.