We cater to the needs of the institutional and individual investors' order execution in the capital market. We offer international standard brokerage services to local individual, institutions and foreign investors.

Brokerage Services

  • Trade Execution in Dhaka and Chittagong Stock Exchange Limited
  • Appointment of dedicated and skilled sales representative
  • Opportunities for trading through different financial instruments

Custodial Services

  • Safe keeping of securities
  • Exclusive arrangement for clients to keep their shares in safe custody in our vaults

Full service Depository Participant (DP) of CDBL

  • Beneficial Owner (BO) account opening and maintenance
  • Dematerialization – the process of converting physical scripts to script-less shares to the CDBL part of the Company register
  • Re-materialization
  • Freeze request and release request and suspensions
  • Transfers and multiple accounts movement
  • Pledging, un-pledging and confiscation
  • BO International Securities Identification Number (ISIN) balances and master maintenance inquiry

Forms and Documents for Brokerage Services

  • Individual/Joint Account Opening Form
  • Account Opening Form - Institutional Final
  • Buy-Sell Order Form
  • Check List of Account Opening Form - Foreign Account
  • Check List of Account Opening Form - RB & NRB account
  • Fund Withdrawal Request Form.
  • Registration Form for Electronic Trade Order Management System

Fees and Charges for Brokerage Services

  • Brokerage Services: Nominal Brokerage fee up to 0.40%
  • CDBL Charges: At actual
  • Research Services: Upon subscription
  • Custodial Services: At actual
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