Government Securities Investment Window

Services Provided by IDLC

IDLC will act as an intermediary between Bangladesh Bank & relevant investors by providing the following clientele services for individuals & institutions seeking to invest in Government Securities:

Contact Person Information

For any queries relating to investment in government securities, please contact with:

Name Designation Contact No. Email ID Branch Name
Nakib Uddin M Sayem Manager 01708 457 050 Corporate Head Office

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is a Government Security?

A Government Security is a tradable debt instrument issued by sovereign Government. Such securities can be short term (usually called treasury bills, with original maturities of less than one year) or long term (usually called Government bonds or dated securities with original maturity of one year or more).

What are the major Government Securities (G-Sec) in Bangladesh?

Major G-Secs in Bangladesh are:

a. Treasury Bills (T-Bills)

b. Bangladesh Government Treasury Bond (BGTB)

Who issues T-Bills and BGTBs?

As per agreement between The Government of Bangladesh and Bangladesh Bank in 1985 (Treasury rules-1998 (Appendix-1, Section-3) and Bangladesh Bank (BB) Order-1972, article 20 empowers BB to issue new loans and manage public debt for the Government.

What are the main features of Treasury Bills?

What are the main features of Treasury Bonds?

How are T-Bills and BGTBs issued by Bangladesh Bank?

Upcoming auction details are updated in the following url:

What Benefits Can you derive by Investing Treasury Bonds?

What is the minimum denomination of investment?

Minimum investment amount is taka one lac (BDT 100,000) and its multiples.

Can any individual investor own G-Secs?

Yes, any individual can own Government securities in Bangladesh.

Can foreigners/non-residents buy G-Secs?

Yes, foreigners/non-resident individual/institutions can buy Bangladesh Government Treasury Bonds (BGTB), but not Treasury Bills. Eligible foreign investors are permitted to purchase, sell or transfer Treasury Bonds with any maturity period.

Is premature encashment available for G-Secs?

No, premature encashment is not available. However, holder can sell G-Secs in the OTC and secondary markets.