If you are a distributor for products from large corporate entities and need to lift orders with cash, you may often find your working capital trapped for significant periods of time. Get the full value of approved lifting orders so that you may collect the goods for distribution.

Why would I avail a Distributor Finance facility?

For the Distributor:

  • Increased capacity of placing lifting order in greater volume.
  • Prospect of becoming distributor of larger corporation.

For the Seller/Supplier (Corporation):

  • Minimizing credit line created for distributors.
  • Increasing numbers of distributors.
  • Efficient balance sheet management with reduced account receivables.


  • The Credit Limits is based on sales volume and IDLC management approval.
  • 100% advance payment to the corporate on behalf of the distributor.
  • Credit Period is the client cash flow cycle (maximum of 180 days).
  • Security required above BDT 2.00 million Credit Limit.
  • Standard fees and charges apply (annual processing fee, discount on lifting order value, interest calculates daily, etc.)
  • Loan limit: Based on corporate suppliers’ comfort and sales of the distributor (and also incumbent in IDLC management decision).
  • Loan Tenure: 1 year from the Sanction date.

Financing Process:


  • Provides Product Lifting Order
  • Submits Lifting Order
  • Verifies the order & advance payment
  • Lift goods
  • Payment within credit period

Am I Eligible?

  • Must receive recurring lifting orders from corporate entities.
  • Minimum 3 years of continuous business operation and experience.
  • Must maintain minimum 1 year of uninterrupted business relation for approved suppliers.
  • Age between 21 years to 60 years.
  • Business within service range of IDLC branches.
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