What is IDLC SIP?

IDLC Systematic Investment Plan (IDLC SIP) is a simple, convenient and disciplined way to make investment for fulfilling your financial goals. Under IDLC SIP, investors invest a fixed amount of money every month for a specific time period in a suitable mutual fund available for them. Mutual funds are managed by professional asset managers to attain the investment objectives of the fund.


Investors can open IDLC SIP account with any mutual fund managed by IDLC Asset management Limited (IDLC AML) anytime for a tenure of 3 years or above, by submitting the required documents along with the IDLC SIP form. The minimum monthly installment size is BDT 3,000 or any multiple of BDT 1,000 for above BDT 3,000 for individual investors and BDT 10,000 or any multiple of BDT 1,000 for above BDT 10,000 for institutional investors.

The monthly IDLC SIP installments are invested in particular IDLC mutual funds, as selected by the investors while opening IDLC SIP account. The purchased units of mutual funds are transferred to the respective BO accounts of investors.

On the maturity of the IDLC SIP tenure, investors can fully liquidate their investments by selling the units to IDLC AML at the prevailing surrender price at that period.

Investors can anytime withdraw their investments, fully or partially, without any penalty or charge.

Step 1

Investors open IDLC SIP account for a fixed amount of money each month and for a fixed tenure.

Step 2

Monthly IDLC SIP installments are pooled from investors' bank account.

Step 3

Monthly SIP installments are invested in IDLC mutual fund units selected by investors.

Step 4

The purchased mutual fund units are transferred to Investors account.

Step 5

At maturity investors liquidate/sell the units at the prevailing surrender price