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"I joined IDLC a few months back after working for five years with my last employer. Before I joined, I was a little apprehensive of the new people and new environment. But this fear proved needless! My colleagues went out of their ways to make me feel at home, and help me get used to my new job. After seven months, I now feel like I belong nowhere else!"
Kazi Farhan Zahir
DGM, Structured Finance
Work Environment at IDLC
At IDLC, we appreciate effective internal communications and free flow of ideas, creativity and innovation, fairness, commitment, teamwork and highest standards of professional excellence and integrity.
Equal Opportunities for All
We are committed to maintain a positive environment in our workplace, free from any discrimination in terms of gender, age, race, religion, creed or any other criteria. We ensure equal opportunities for all in terms of recruitment, selection, promotion, training, development and rewards.
Positive Working Environment
We strive to maintain a friendly and respectful environment at all times that motivates our employees to give their best and contribute to their full potential.
We have created an environment of trust and support within the organization to enable everyone to work together as a team, while at the same time encourage individuals to be innovative and creative within their own roles. Our Senior Management is accessible at all times to provide guidance when required, and encourage ideas that contribute to business performance and continuous improvement.
We are proud to state that our favorable job responsibilities, comfortable working environment and adequate maternity benefit policies are gradually increasing the number of female members in our IDLC family.
Health and Safety of our Employees
Ensuring health and safety of our employees are our key priorities at all times. Keeping this in mind, IDLC regularly arranges routine health check-up for our employees. Moreover, the company also provides hospitalization insurance coverage to ensure medical security of its staff, as well as group Life Insurance scheme to cover the unforeseen risk of death.
"I had my first child in 2007, and my second one in 2010, and both times I was working for IDLC. My colleagues were extremely cooperative both the times, and helped keep my stress level at the minimum. When I joined office after a much-needed long maternity leave, my seniors and peers went out of their way to help me get adjusted to my usual work after the long absence. It is common knowledge that working in the corporate sector can be very challenging for expecting and new mothers. But I can proudly say that my company was sensitive to my needs, and helped make this a truly memorable time of my life."
Mahjebeen Binte Rahman
AGM, Head of Credit, Consumer Division