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Recruitment at IDLC
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Recruitment at IDLC
Recruitment Process
IDLC continues to offer a challenging career prospect for the fresh graduates and professionals from the industry. Our goal is to attract, retain and motivate the most competent people, while maintaining high standards in our recruitment process.
Opportunities for Fresh Graduates
Like other local financial institutions, we recruit Fresh Graduates from leading business schools as Management Trainees every year, as well as on other entry-level posts.
Placement Opportunities
IDLC is keen to provide both vertical and lateral growth opportunities to deserving employees as per our business needs, objectives and long-term strategies. These strategies and objectives are reflected in the recruitment process at different levels.
Basic Eligibility Criteria
Our Human Resource personnel advertise job vacancies both internally and externally as per requirements of the position.
Any interested applicant should evaluate his/her eligibility to be considered for any particular position in light of the following major criteria:
Role Profile
Key Responsibilities
Academic Qualifications
Required Experience (as and where applicable)
Additional Skill Requirements
Announcement for Job Advertisements
We regularly place job advertisements, detailing basic requirements of various posts, in different electronic and print media including online career sites, newspapers, online job posting at IDLC website etc.
Send your resume to us, mentioning your area of interest, at jobs@idlc.com