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Corporate Division
Consumer Division
SME Division
Capital Market
Corporate Division
Corporate Finance
We have extensive knowledge, expertise and experience to offer a range of financial solutions in response to the needs of a broad spectrum of clientele, comprising of local and multinational corporate houses in Bangladesh.
Structured Finance
Structured Finance refers to the process of designing and managing complex financial transactions to meet the unique financial needs of large corporate clients that can’t be matched by conventional financial products.
Consumer Division
Deposit Schemes
You can now earn more with our various attractive Deposit Schemes.
Home Loan
As one of the leading Home Loan providers in the country, we offer you the most convenient Home Loan facility to suit your needs. With so many attractive benefits, the home you always wanted is no longer a dream.
Car Loan
In today’s age, owing car is no longer considered a luxury; rather it has become a vital part of our everyday life. A car is now a useful investment that improves your quality of life.
Personal Loan
We understand your all out efforts to improve the quality of life, but necessities no longer wait for your savings to accumulate.
"RegistraLoan", the first loan of its kind in Bangladesh, is a secured loan facility for property buyers and possession-holders for securing ownership of apartment, commercial space and land.
SME Division
Small Enterprise Finance
IDLC offers financing facilities to small-scale enterprises for carrying out their trading, manufacturing or service business. Moreover, financing facilities for developing commercial real estate can also be availed by such enterprises.
Medium Enterprise Finance
SME-Mid segment offers mid and longer term financial solutions to a wide range of clienteles who are in their journey to emerge as promising corporate houses in near future.
Supplier Finance
Supplier Finance is a revolving financing facility offered against receivables created due to supply of goods or delivery of services on credit.
Women Entrepreneur Loan
Women Entrepreneur Loan is a loan facility offered to small and medium business enterprises operated by women entrepreneurs.
Commercial Vehicle Loan
"Commercial Vehicle Loan" is a lease facility for the purpose of vehicle purchase for commercial use.
Capital Market
Portfolio Management
IDLC offers Portfolio Management services to both individual and institutional investors through our subsidiary, IDLC Investments Limited. Investors can avail our services through our major discretionary investment accounts – MAXCAP and Cap Invest.
Investment Banking
With a rich experience in Investment Banking, we assist our clients to our best throughout the IPO process, along with sustained market support.
Brokerage Services