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Online Account Service
By availing our Online Account Service, our depositors and borrowers can receive any of the following documents/services, completely free of cost:
Tax Certificate
Balance Certificate
Account Statement
Cheque Inventory Status
Loan top-up Request
LAD (Loan Against Deposit) Outstanding Balance
LAD (Loan Against Deposit)Clearance Certificate
To avail this service, please complete Online Account Service form
Name of the customer *
Agreement No *
Contact Number (Loan) *
Deposit Instrument Number (deposit) *
E-mail Address *
Fax Number
Mailing Address *
How would you like to get the document? By courier E-mail Fax *
What document you require?
Tax certificate Form       to   
Balance Certificate As of   
Account Statement Form       to   
Cheque Inventory Status For the year       to   
Loan top up request
LAD Outstanding Balance [ Only Instrument number required ]
LAD clearance certificate