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March 11, 2012
IDLC Unveils New Logo, commits to ''Financing Happiness"
IDLC, the largest multi-product Non- Banking Financial Institution in Bangladesh, unveiled a striking new logo at a press conference in Dhaka on March 11, 2012.

The Company also launched a new tagline and operating philosophy, “Financing Happiness”, to complement the new logo. The new logo design is predominantly red & black while the tagline is written in grey. IDLC believes that new logo will continue to reflect the company’s traditional strengths, its strong reputation for corporate governance, statutory compliance and stability, while also showcasing new-found qualities of energy and innovation through a modern outlook.

Anwarul Huq, Chairman of IDLC Finance, said, “We are confident the new brand will stand out amongst the crowd and clearly differentiate IDLC from competitors”. Selim RF Hussain, IDLC Finance CEO and Managing Director also emphasized that, “It is the staff of the IDLC Group who individually, and collectively, must take ownership of their brand” and he requested them “to become ambassadors for the IDLC Brand”.

The new logo has been polled out across a wide range of applications namely press, online and digital.