Happiness Album - Our Completed Projects

Health Camp organized for workers of a Packaging Factory in Narayanganj, with Spreeha Foundation

Category : Healthcare

Date : 2017-12-18

Partners : Spreeha Foundation

Location : Narayanganj

We, in collaboration with Spreeha Bangladesh Foundation organized a health camp for male and female factory workers of Shovon Group on 18 December 2017. More than 1200 workers received general health consultation and were provided primary health care through this camp. Experienced doctors and pathologists provided treatment and performed blood examinations while pharmacists provided relevant medicines to the workers.

Collaborate for a Greener Tomorrow

Category : Environment

Date : 2017-11-25

Partners : Green Savers

Location : Habiganj

We organized a workshop on tree plantation at the school premises of Habiganj School and College with an aim to familiarize the students with rare plant species and sensitize them about their role in preservation of natural resources. Hundreds of students attended the event and took an oath to protect the environment. With the guidance received through the workshop, the children planted saplings and installed a rooftop Green Lab Garden which would play the role of a school lab for practical classes for students of Botany. Over 2,000 saplings were donated and planted by the children with direction from us and Green Savers. We organized this event to positively contribute to the society and environment within which we operate.

Lead the way to a Greener Tomorrow

Category : Environment

Date : 2017-11-15

Partners : Green Savers

Location : Mymensingh

Rapid urbanization has seriously hampered the greenery of our country. Unfortunately most of the urban schools do not have any garden or vegetation area. Thus, as a step towards ensuring schools become aware and seriously consider the positive aspects of vegetation, we have partnered with Green Savers to construct a rooftop garden at Mukul Niketan School Mymensingh. During the event, selected Alumni the school will attend and plant a tree thereby passing the torch of responsibility to the new generation. Help us to educate advise the students to nurture the plants and be responsible for its well-being.

Spread a little colour to Less Privileged Children

Category : Education

Date : 2017-11-04

Partners : Savar CRP Hospital

Location : Dhaka

We organized an eventful day for physically challenged children from Center for Rehabilitation of the Paralyzed (CRP) in Savar, who seldom get to enjoy the usual sports activities as other school children. Jahangirnagar University Social Welfare Club supported us in this initiative. These children took part in an art competition, a cultural program and also played various games. Selected children were also given wheelchairs, assistive devices and school stationary.

Health awareness session for female garments factory workers at Tongi

Category : Healthcare

Date : 2017-11-03

Partners : Spreeha Foundation

Location : Dhaka

We arranged a health camp for women and children to give them primary treatment and raise awareness on health related issues at Tongi. Through this health camp, around 750 women who work in Denim Attires Factory and their children received treatment and health tips from experienced doctors. Along with this, we conducted an interactive discussion on health topics.

Lend your hand in rebuilding a school

Category : Education

Date : 2017-11-02

Partners : Agrani Primary School

Location : Jessore

Through Khushir Kheya platform, we extended support to ensure underprivileged children had better access to education infrastructure. To encourage the children and create better education opportunities for them, we took the initiative to renovate Agrani Primary School at Jessore. We installed tube-wells for safe drinking water and electric fans, benches, office furniture besides giving books and stationary to the children for enhancing access to education. Since 2015 we have been working towards ensuring better education for all. An art competition was also organized for the children. Sabyasachi Mistry, renowned artist was present as the judge of this competition.

Gift a Day of Delight to Less Privileged Children

Category : Community Engagement

Date : 2017-10-28

Partners : N/A

Location : Chittagong

On 28th October, 2017 we took a unique initiative for the underprivileged children. Students from Nagarful and Youths’ Voice School enjoyed fun rides and treats at Foy’s Lake and enjoyed a long-awaited day of fun with our volunteers and registerees. Through a day of fun activities, we distributed educational materials that these children can take home with them.

Medical Camp and Lung Disease awareness camp for factory workers at Kamrangichar

Category : Healthcare

Date : 2017-10-20

Partners : Trisha Plastic Products

Location : Dhaka

We, with the support of Spreeha Foundation, arranged a health camp for over hundred and fifty workers of Asha Plastic and Trisha Plastic Products at Kamrangirchor with an aim to spread awareness on health issues which hamper their productivity. The whole day was dedicated to their health. We also included training sessions in the health camp conducted by experienced trainers on safe working environment and how to live a healthier life.

Raise Awareness For Feminine Hygiene with CARE Bangladesh and UNICEF

Category : Healthcare

Date : 2017-10-17

Partners : CARE Bangladesh and UNICEF

Location : Khulna

Many village women do not have the proper awareness about maintaining hygiene and taking care of their health. This includes childbirth and its complications which many women face due to lack of proper knowledge and regional healthcare facilities. We have partnered with CARE Bangladesh and UNICEF to arrange a 2-day workshop, to raise awareness among these women about the common health-related issues and how to prevent them.

Bring Hope to Mothers and Children through Healthcare

Category : Healthcare

Date : 2017-10-14

Partners : AMAL

Location : Gazipur

Authentic Method of Alternative Learning (AMAL) – Arabic for Hope – works towards bringing hope to women and children who need just a little extra push. We have organized a workshop for 200 families to give them primary treatment and raise awareness on nutrition, psychological and health related issues. The beneficiaries received treatment and health tips from experienced doctors.