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Can I get an SME Loan? Check Now!
Fees and Charges
SME Loan by JICA is a loan facility under the two-step fund, provided by Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) offered to small and medium business enterprises of Bangladesh. This Term Loan facility is offered for the purpose of meeting Working Capital requirements and/or purchasing fixed assets.
Entrepreneurs having a minimum of 1 year experience in the same line of business
The Business must be a going concern with minimum operational experience of 1 year
Eligible Projects
Fixed assets (including machinery, equipment, factory buildings and related civil works)
Technical know-how, consultancy services and training
Working capital (including initial stocks or increase in stocks of raw materials, spare parts and components)
Leasing of industrial and business equipment
Loan Limit
Minimum BDT 0.50 million to maximum BDT 50.00 million
Loan Term
Fixed Assets Financing: 2 to 5 years
Working Capital Financing: 1 year, annually renewable up to 5 years
Interest Rate and Fees
We offer competitive interest rate and fees. Please contact any of our branch offices for current rate and fees.
Key Features
We offer loan without any collateral for up to BDT 1.50 million
We offer partial cash-secured loan up to BDT 7.00 million
We offer loan for Working Capital Finance and/or Lease finance for business
Borrowers having loan facilities with other financial institutions can also avail this facility
Convenient repayment options are offered, consisting of Equal monthly installments and/or customized repayment schedule
We bring fast and quality service at your doorstep
Terms & Conditions
Entrepreneurs have to submit the evidence of use of the proceeds of the Loan (E.g. receipt or bill, invoice from suppliers)
Entrepreneurs have to submit financial statements for every accounting term, at least on an annual basis , until the full repayment of the Sub-loan
Entrepreneurs will allow the IDLC Finance Limited(PFI), Bangladesh Bank (PIU), Ministry of Finance Finance Division (MOF-BFID) or Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) to inspect the Project, if the PFI, PIU, MOF-BFID or JICA so requests
Entrepreneurs have to follow all the environmental regulations established by GOB (Government of Bangladesh) and JICA (Japan International Cooperation Agency)
To know more about SME Loan by JICA, please contact us at sme@idlc.com
For more information on our other products, please contact our relevant department.