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Investment Banking
With a rich experience in Investment Banking, we assist our clients to our best throughout the IPO process, along with sustained market support. Our core strength lies in
Correctly positioning the company in the financial market to procure the right profile of institutional and retail investors
Valuation of the enterprise
Showcasing the enterprise to the right investors
Optimum pricing of the companies
Devising the best financial structure, and
Completing the entire process smoothly and efficiently, leveraging our strong co-ordination with regulatory authorities
Our aim is to value and place the company in the financial market correctly, provide maximum return to the investors, ensure growth and continuous value-creation for the company going public. Therefore, our post-listing support enables the companies to face the new regulatory environment they enter after listing.

Our Investment Banking Team is capable of devising innovative solution for raising capital, both debt and equity, from the market, matching the unique needs and constraints of the corporate clients. Equipped with some of the most qualified, experienced and innovative personnel in the sector, we are committed to provide the best solution to our corporate clients in terms of managing public offers.

Our Investment Banking operation focuses on Initial Public Offering (IPO), Repeat Public Offering (RPO), Rights Issue Management, Corporate Advisory on Pre-IPO Capital Raising, Underwriting, Participation in the Pre-IPO Placement/Capital Raising of forthcoming IPOs and Merchant Banker Service in substantial Share Acquisition and Take Over.