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Reverse Factoring (for Corporate)
IDLC offers a customized solution for financing Accounts Payable, where your nominated suppliers will be paid by IDLC on behalf of you, immediately after goods or services have been delivered to you. This is a short-term revolving facility where terms and conditions can be designed as per your requirement.
How it works:
1. Supplier delivers the goods/services to Buyer (IDLC's Client)
2. Buyer (Client) advices IDLC to disburse the Payable Amount to the nominated supplier(s) and submit necessary documents to IDLC
3. IDLC disburses the amount to the respective supplier(s) as per the advice of the Buyer (Client)
4. Buyer (Client) repays due amount to IDLC at maturity of credit period
Benefit for You (the Buyer):
Reduce Administrative Work: Buyer issues one cheque to IDLC at maturity instead of multiple cheques to multiple suppliers for payment
Arrangement of Working Capital: Buyer overcomes short-term liquidity crisis. In other way, Buyer can use its fund where the opportunity cost is higher
Motivate Suppliers: Supplier receives instant payment
Minimize Cost: Buyer can negotiate the pricing and enjoy cash purchase benefit
Benefit for your Suppliers:
Business Growth: Your Supplier gets payments of its invoices earlier; therefore it can manage the cash flow more efficiently and ensure uninterrupted business growth
Instant Payment: Our facility minimizes the risk of late payment for the Supplier, due to any unavoidable circumstance at Buyer's end
*Conditions Apply
To know more about our Reverse Factoring, please contact us at supplierfinance@idlc.com or call us at 16409
For more information on our other products, please contact our relevant department