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Frequently Asked Questions - English                [Bangla Version]
Who Can Invest in Easy Invest?
Why should I invest in stock market?
Why should I invest in stock market through IDLC?
Where will the fund be invested?
Please explain me the Tax Rebate issue.
FDR/DPS assures me fixed return; can you assure me certain return?
Is there any probability of loss?
When will I get portfolio and transaction statements?
Can I make additional investments?
How shall I pay the monthly investment amount?
Will I get any notification for due amount/non-payment?
How will the management fee be calculated?
Will the charges be deducted from my portfolio account?
What are the benefits of starting an Easy Invest early? Why?
What is the cost averaging?
What will happen in case of consecutive failure of installment payments?
What will happen after expiry of the scheme?
What will be the payment procedures to clients?
Can you please elaborate the Insurance Coverage?
Can I change the tenure of the scheme?
Will there be any margin loan facility?
What will be the investment strategy of this scheme- “Buy and Hold” or “Frequent Trading”?
What are the required documents for opening an Easy Invest account?