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Easy Invest
Easy Invest is discretionary portfolio management product that will build your portfolio over time, with small investments at regular intervals. As fund manager, IDLC will follow a disciplined and structured investment process, and reduce the risk of market volatility.
Easy Invest can be started with very small amount of money, so it is affordable.
Reduces risk because of cost averaging over a long time horizon
Long term financial solutions for children’s education, marriage etc.
Disciplined and systematic approach of investment
"Auto Debit" instruction facility to eliminate need for physical submission of cheques.
Opportunity to get rebate on income tax and tax exemption for individual on capital gain.
Accidental Death and Disability Insurance Coverage up to BDT 1 Lac per year (optional).
Key Information
Monthly investment amount:
Individual/Institutions : BDT 3,000 & in multiple of BDT 1,000
Investment Tenure : 3, 5 & and 10 years
Fees & Charges
Account Opening Fees : BDT 500/-
Management Fees : 3.0% p.a on market value of securities
Transaction Fees : 0.50% on transaction amount
Early Exit Fees : 5% before 1 year and 1% after 1 year on withdrawal amount
Insurance Fee (Optional) : BDT 74 per year
Forms & Documents
Account Opening Form for Easy Invest
Contact Person's Information
1. Enam Ahmed Hasan : +8801712 329983
2. Mohammad Nayem Uddin: +8801730 374571
3. Makin Rishalat Jitu: +8801777 444448
4. Abir Hussain Talukdar : +8801711 199844
DR Tower (4th Floor)
Bir Protik Gazi Golam Dastagir Road
Purana Paltan, Dhaka 1000
Telephone: 16409, +8809609994352
Facsimile: +880 (2) 957 1171
E-mail: dpm@idlc.com
Website: www.idlc.com