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"When it comes to grooming up people, IDLC is the place to be!
We consider our employees as our most valuable assets, and we invest considerable time and effort for their personal and professional development. We encourage our employees to give their best, and assist them in doing just that through relevant training programs and workshops both home and abroad. We make learning an exciting experience, and in the process, transform our employees into true resources!"
Shamima Akter Lovely
AGM, Human Resources
Career Progression Opportunities
IDLC is a performance driven organization, where career development opportunities are strictly based on merit, performance and productivity. IDLC continues to be an equal-opportunity employer for more than 25 years, offering challenging career opportunities for fresh graduates and young professionals.
Training and Development
Our employees receive various in-house, local and overseas training opportunities as per their needs. We identify relevant training and development needs of our employees to provide them necessary opportunities to purse their career goals. This is done with the objective of human resources development through continuously upgrading their skills, expertise and knowledge, and to better equip them to meet organizational needs and face future challenges in the ever changing financial sector of the country.
"I joined Credit Administration Department of IDLC in 2006 and worked there for around four years. Later, I wanted to add more challenge to my work and expected to be in a business unit. Accordingly in 2010, I was placed in Supplier Finance Department under our SME Division, where I am working at present. I intended to change my career path and find the right role for myself, but I did not want to switch my company. IDLC acknowledged my aspirations, and accommodated me in a role within the company that fits my expectations and my competencies."
Abdul Hannan