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IDLC Purnota
Bangladeshi women are moving the country forward with their relentless drive and innovative approaches. But the journey towards becoming a successful women entrepreneur is laden with obstacles. What women entrepreneurs require is a friend who will understand her business needs. Be it a new or an old business, small or medium, IDLC Purnota will provide a comprehensive solution that will provide women owned businesses the necessary acceleration that it requires.
IDLC Purnota Loan
Working Capital and Long term Financing Facility for Women Owned Businesses
Minimum Loan Amount – BDT 3 lac
Maximum Loan Amount – Contingent on the Nature and Condition of the Business
   - Unsecured Loan – Up to BDT 25 lac
Determination of Payment Structure Based on Cash Flow
10% Interest for Loans up to BDT 50 lac under Bangladesh Bank Refinancing Scheme
Grace period: 3-6 months for New Ventures in Manufacturing or Service Sector
Must have Minimum 1 year of Business Experience (Supported by Trade License)
Age of the Applicant – 20 to 60 years
Other Features of IDLC Purnota
Business Facilitation Service - Assistance in Obtaining Regulatory Documents and Licenses
To conduct a business, various documents are required by relevant authorities. The aim of business facilitation service is to guide women entrepreneurs in getting these documents quickly and without any hassle.
Women Entrepreneurs will get assistance in obtaining the following documents/licenses under this service:
Trade License
Tax Identification Number (TIN) Certificate
Environmental Certificate (ECC)
Import Realization Certificate (IRC), Export Realization Certificate (ERC)
License from relevant authorities (BSTI Certificate, Chemical License, Fire Service and Civil Defense Clearance Certificate etc.)
Other required documents and certificates
Purnota Helpline - Information Services for Women Entrepreneurs
Purnota Helpline is a service through which women entrepreneurs will be able receive information and guidance on a wide array of topics:
Purnota Related Information
Guidance on Accounts and Book Keeping
Deposit Related Information
Loan Relation Information (Personal and Business Loan)
Information on Basic Banking Rules and Regulation
Information on Various Training Facilities
Purnota Training Center – Capacity and Skill development, Business Management and Vocational Training
In order to run business successfully, an entrepreneur has to be equipped with the appropriate
Business Management and Operational Skills. Purnota Training Center will provide training on the Capacity Development of Women Entrepreneurs with particular emphasis on the following topics:
Working Capital Management
Human Resource Management
Production Management
Product Development and Quality Control
Vocational Training on Various SME Business such as Boutiques, Sewing, Beauty Salon, Handicraft Etc.
Purnota Insurance – Insurance to Mitigate Against Losses Pertaining to Individual, Family and Business
Purnota Insurance will enable Women Entrepreneurs to protect themselves, their business and family members from various risks:
Accidental Death
Permanent or Temporary Disability Due to Injury
Death or Injury from the bites of Snakes, Insects, or Other Animals
Physical Injury or Death from Flood, Earthquake, Landslide, Cyclone and Other Natural Disasters
Physical Injury or Death from Riot, Strike, or other such Violent Incidences
Death during Child Birth or Cesarean operation
Medical Allowance for Mental Injury from Robbery, Acid Throwing and Sexual Violation
Insurance Term: 1 year
Insurance Facility for Women of 20-60 Years of Age
Insurance Coverage amount – BDT 1 lac to BDT 10 lac
Purnota Digital Marketing – Guidance on Marketing through Internet and Social Networking Sites
With the advancement of information technology, an increasing number of entrepreneurs have started to utilize modern, technology based mediums. To promote and advertise products, entrepreneurs are using various social networks such as Facebook or Twitter; many SMEs now have their own websites. It is imperative that entrepreneurs embrace these technology mediums to keep up with the market pace.

Purnota Digital Marketing offers guidance to Women Entrepreneurs to promote and advertise their products through social network media, website and other digital media in a cost-effective manner:
Website Development, Management and Guidance
Advisory Service and Guidance on Marketing and Promotional Strategy through Social Networking tools such as Facebook, Twitter, and E-mail Marketing
Purnota Club – A Platform for Women Entrepreneurs to Share their Skills, Ideas and Experiences and Form an Intricate Network among One Another
IDLC Purnota Club is a community for women entrepreneurs that will provide them a unique platform through which they can share their skills, ideas and experiences and form an intricate network among one another
Activities of Purnota Club
Business Expansion through communication amongst entrepreneurs
Trade Fair (New and innovative product display by women entrepreneurs)
Health and education related awareness programs
Solving business related issues through the counsel of other women entrepreneurs
Training and guidance by successful female professionals
Purnota Deposit – Term Deposit at Attractive Rates (Up to 0.50% Higher Than Regular Deposit Rates)
Expansion of any businesses requires sufficient capital through the accumulation of free funds in the form of savings. For women entrepreneurs, IDLC Purnota offers deposit facility at an attractive rate – up to 0.5% more than regular Deposit rate.
Types of Deposits
Regular Term Deposit – 3 to 5 years
500 days Term Deposit
Monthly Earner Deposit
Quarterly Earner Deposit
IDLC SME Advantage Card – Attractive discount for Women Entrepreneurs in Selected Partner Outlets
*Conditions Apply
To know more about our IDLC Purnota please contact us at purnota@idlc.com or call us at 16409
For more information on our other products, please contact our relevant department.