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Term Loan Financing
We offer Term Financing to meet regular capital/fixed expenditures such as balancing of production line, modernization of manufacturing process, expansion of capacity and space, etc.
Financial offered usually for a term of 1 to 5 years
Repayment through monthly installments
Repayment is made through monthly payment of Equal or Structured (step-up, step-down, bullet, etc.) installments
Flexible terms are offered regarding security/collateral against the facility
Bridge Financing
We offer Bridge Financing facilities to meet interim fund requirements of clients
Financing is offered for a shorter term, considering nature of the facility
repayment is generally made through bullet payments
Deferred repayment structure is available depending on the financial product
Long Term Finance for Real Estate Developers
We finance Real Estate Developers to meet capital expenditures/construction costs of Real Estate projects, both residential and commercial
A favorable debt-equity ratio is maintained
Disbursements are usually made in phases along with the progress of the construction work
Financing term can be up to 6 years depending on the nature of the project
Repayment can be made every month or quarter through Equal or Structured installments
Loan to Corporate Houses to procure Commercial Space
We offer financing to Corporate clients for procurement of commercial/office space
Loan term may be extended up to 6 years, depending on the feasibility of the project
Repayment can be made every quarter or month through Equal or Structured installments
*Conditions Apply
To know more about our Term Loan Financing, please contact us at sme@idlc.com or call us at 16409
For more information on our other products, please contact our relevant department.