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Supplier Finance
Supplier Finance is a revolving financing facility offered against receivables created due to supply of goods or delivery of services on credit. This short-term facility enables the suppliers/service providers to realize the maximum portion of the payment soon after the delivery has been made to the buyer. In addition to financing, Supplier Finance also offers other value-added services such as:
You can also avail our Reverse Factoring services:
Reverse Factoring (for Corporate)
Sales Ledger Administration
Follow-up and physical collection of payments
Monthly reporting
Who can avail Supplier Finance
All industries providing services or delivering products to corporate entities such as institutional buyers/debtors can avail this facility. Certain criteria to be considered can be as follows:
The business must sell to a credit-worthy buyer/debtor on a regular basis
A Receivable/Invoice/Bill must be produced that can be verified, or has an acceptance by the institutional buyer/debtor
A business dealing with multiple institutional buyers/debtors will be preferred
Services Offered
Generally, we offer the following services to our Client/Suppliers:
Up-front Financing: Financing is made as soon as the Client/Supplier makes the supply and submits the received copy of the bill/ invoice to IDLC.
Follow-up and Physical Collection of Payment: IDLC will follow-up collection in a structured process and ensure physical collection of payment from Buyers located in different geographic locations.
Reporting: IDLC provides detailed reports of the Sales Ledger, helping decision making by the management of the Clients/Suppliers
Advisory Services: We assist the Clients/Suppliers in dealing with the Buyers by making recommendations about the credit rating of a Buyer and thus enabling the Client/Supplier to fix proper credit limit for each Buyer.
*Conditions Apply
To know more about our Supplier Finance, please contact us at supplierfinance@idlc.com or call us at 16409
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