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Corporate Finance
Lease Financing
Term Loan Financing
Working Capital Financing
Project Financing
Specialized Products
Structured Finance
- Syndication
- Private Placement of Equity
- Project/Infrastructure Finance
- Foreign-Currency Loan
- Special Funds
Advisory Services
- Merger & Acquisition
- Joint-Venture Matchmaking
- Feasibility Study
Securitization of Assets
Fees and Charges
Specialized Products
Refinancing of Existing Liabilities
For matching the repayments with cash flows, allowing some more time for repayment, releasing working capital limits (which got exhausted due to meeting capital expenditures using short term credit lines) refinancing of existing good quality liabilities is made
Terms and repayments are similar to those of term loans/ leases
Arranging Special Funds
Financing is also arranged for large corporate houses through special funds from Local and International Development Agencies, Central Banks, Government agencies, etc. based on its availability and eligibility criterion of the project/financing
IDLC uses its strategic alliances and local and international associations for arranging such funds
Generally preferred rates are offered