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Corporate Finance
Lease Financing
Term Loan Financing
Working Capital Financing
Project Financing
Specialized Products
Structured Finance
- Syndication
- Private Placement of Equity
- Project/Infrastructure Finance
- Foreign-Currency Loan
- Special Funds
Advisory Services
- Merger & Acquisition
- Joint-Venture Matchmaking
- Feasibility Study
Securitization of Assets
Fees and Charges
Project Financing
Project Financing - Fixed Cost
For setting up of a new unit as addition to the existing product line and capacity, a new concern of an existing group, a new Joint Venture project of an existing company, etc.
Required debt-equity ratio is maintained
Financial solution for the entire project may be provided through mix of different financial tools from wide range of services offered by IDLC.
Loan tenure varies based on product type. For fixed portion loan period may be up to 7 years
Different repayment structure is available depending on financial product
Club Financing for Relatively Larger Projects
For relatively larger amount of financing IDLC, given its long track record, position and reputation in the financial industry, arranges funds in partnership with other FIs/Banks for the client.
Type of facilities range from simple lease financing to a mix of lease and traditional banking products.
Preferred Equity Investments
If clients raise funds through preferred share, IDLC corporate division makes financing by purchasing the shares
IDLC gets payments usually through redemption of the preferred shares over the tenure