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Home Loan
As one of the leading Home Loan providers in the country, we offer you the most convenient Home Loan facility to suit your needs. With so many attractive benefits, the home you always wanted is no longer a dream.
You can also avail other Home Loan services:
Construction Loan
Home Loan Shield
Registra Loan
Key Benefits
We consider all applications equally, irrespective of any profession
We provide a dedicated and supportive service both before and after the disbursement
You have the option to choose either Fixed or Variable rate of interest
We sanction the loan within the shortest possible time, and also before starting construction of the building or purchase of the apartment
You can have early pre-payment option, either in part or full, with convenient conditions
You can avail Income Tax Rebate on annual interest payment on Home Loan up to Taka 20 Lacs
You can avail Municipality Holding Tax rebate
You can enjoy competitive interest rate and lower fees
Availability of Home Loans
For purchase of apartment/house/commercial space/approved housing plots
For construction of residential/commercial buildings
For renovation or extension of residential complex
As Home Equity loan against mortgage of property
You are eligible for our Home Loan facility if you are:
25 years and above of age, but not more than 60 years, except professional
Earning on a regular basis from a sustainable source of employment or business
Factors affecting your Loan Amount
Home Loan amount depends on your repayment capability. A number of factors such as your monthly net disposable income, age, qualifications, value of the immovable property, number of family members and dependants, monthly expense, other fixed obligations, nature of job/business, savings habits etc. are taken into consideration.
Residential Purpose: 70% of the purchase price, including registration cost, or 80% of the construction cost of residential house can be offered as Home Loan.
Commercial Purpose: 50% of the purchase price, including registration cost, can be offered as Home Loan.
Loan Term
Residential Purpose
Category Maximum Term Maximum Age
Professional 20 years 65 years
Businessmen 15 years 60 years
Non Resident Bangladeshi (NRBs) 10 years 60 years
Service Holders 20 years 60 years
Commercial Purpose: Maximum 7 years for any profession
Repayment Mode
The entire facility has to be repaid through Equal Monthly Installments (EMI).
Mortgage of the property itself or any other equivalent security, as acceptable to IDLC.
Interest Rate and Fees
We offer you a competitive interest rate and low fees. We set individual rates by taking into consideration a customer's financial status, amount borrowed and repayment terms. Please contact any of our branch offices for current rate and fees.
Property Insurance
Mortgaged asset should have fire or earth quake insurance by any IDLC nominated insurance company.
How to Apply
Please submit the complete application form, along with the required documents, at your nearby IDLC branch office.
Am I Eligible for Home Loan?
Please refer to our Forms and Documents for Loan Products section for the Application form and required documents.
You can also avail our Online Account Service
To know more about our Home Loan facility, please contact us at homeloan@idlc.com
For more information on our other products, please contact our relevant department.