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Corporate Governance
Corporate governance is the system by which companies are directed and controlled by the management in the best interest of all the stakeholders, thereby ensuring greater transparency and better and timely financial reporting.

The Board of Directors is responsible for proper governance which includes setting out Company's strategic aims, providing the necessary leadership to implement such aims, supervising the management of the business and reporting to the shareholders on their stewardships.

IDLC is committed to continually reviewing all corporate governance policies and practices to ensure the ongoing transparency of the company's practices and the delivery of high standards and quality information to stakeholders.

The maintenance of effective corporate governance remains a key priority of the Board of IDLC Finance Limited. To exercise clarity about directors' responsibilities towards the shareholders, corporate governance must be dynamic and remain focused on the business objectives of the Company and create a culture of openness and accountability. Keeping this in mind, clear structure and accountabilities supported by well understood policies and procedures to guide the activities of the Company's management have been instituted.

IDLC considers that its corporate governance practices comply with all the aspects of the SEC Notification No. SEC/ CMMRRCD/2006-158/Admin/02-08 dated February 20, 2006 and all aspects of Bangladesh Bank's DFIM Circular No. 7 dated September 25, 2007. In addition, to establishing high standards of corporate governance, IDLC also considers best governance practices in its activities. The independent role of Board of Directors, separate and independent role of Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, distinct role of the Company Secretary & Chief Financial Officer and Chief Compliance Officer and different Board committees allows IDLC to achieve excellence in best corporate governance practices.

As a listed Company, IDLC Finance Limited must comply with the SEC Listing Rules, which require the Company to provide a statement in the Annual Report disclosing the extent to which the Company has complied with the SEC Corporate Governance circulars.

This Corporate Governance Statement reflects the corporate governance and other related policies and practices in place for the IDLC Finance Limited as at December 31, 2011.