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Commercial Space Loan (CSL)
With IDLC Commercial Space Loan you can build your business infrastructure quickly by purchasing factory, warehouse, office, workers dormitory, sales center, customer service outlets or developing it at own supervision. You can transfer existing liabilities of same purpose with other bank/financial institutions too.
Loan of BDT 5 to 100 Million
Up to 8 years tenor
Up to 6 month grace period
Equal monthly/ Customized repayment
Up to 70% funding of the cost
Tri-party agreement available
In-house document vetting
Quicker processing time
Possession purchase
Dedicated 1 Stop Relationship Representative
On call Home service
Eligible Firms
Are 3 year or older in business
Attained a stable traction in business
Earn enough to repay debts
Own reasonable equity in business
Maintain regular bank transaction
Maintain standard business documents
Are unclassified in CIB database
Purchase space on business ground
Documents Required
Trade and other licenses
Company incorporation certificates
Passport/NID of Sponsors and PGs
Financial Statements (3 year)
Bank/NBFI Transactions (1 year)
Set of purchase documents
Set of land documents
Filled in CIB undertaking form
Business description and Sponsor bio-data
*Conditions Apply
To know more about our Commercial Space Loan (CSL) please contact us at sme@idlc.com or call us at 16409
For more information on our other products, please contact our relevant department.