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Regulatory Compliance
IDLCSL maintains full compliance as directed by SEC, DSE and CSE.
Terms and Conditions
A BO Account holder must give a written instruction to IDLC Securities Limited to purchase and/or sell any instrument.
After execution of trade, client must sign in buy/sell confirmation
Client should follow all applicable rules and regulations
All transactions should be duly concluded through and recognized by the DSE and CSE
The account holder will pay a brokerage commission, and all other related expenses and charges, as applicable
Both parties may terminate the agreement at any time by mutual understanding
Trading Rules
Client may give buy/sell order in a trading day (all days except bank holidays)
All trades must take place within the trading period (between 11 am to 3 pm)
In case of buying, client must have available purchase power
In case of selling, client must have saleable instrument
Client can only purchase listed securities/instruments
Client may place order in market price or limit price considering the circuit breaker
Netting facilities will be available on the same trading day only, selling marginable securities in case of purchase of marginable instruments
Same share netting is highly prohibited
Settlement Rules
Settlement is accomplished at the end of the day
In case of A, B and N categories, settlement takes T+3 days
In case of Z category, settlement takes T+9 days
In case of Spot trading, settlement takes T+1
Without same day netting, the sell amount will add in purchase power by following above category-wise settlement time.
Rules for Non-Resident Bangladeshi (NRB)
NRB can invest in IPO and pre-IPO Placement, as well as in the secondary Market
An NRB should have a Non-resident Investor’s Taka Account (NITA)/FC account with a commercial bank (Authorized Dealer) in Bangladesh
Transaction will be made through NITA/FC account operated by him/her, or by authorized persons
All relevant documentation such as account opening with a commercial bank in Bangladesh will be assisted by us. The Nominee/Authorized Person can remit the capital gain and investment through Authorized Dealer Bank as per “Bangladesh Bank Foreign Exchange Regulations and Guidelines”.